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Con Chantal non era la prima volta che mi avvicinavo a tecniche di guarigione che lavorano sull'energia e il riequilibrio dei chakra.

Posso dire che la differenza l'ha fatta lei perché è una persona speciale. Mi ha seguito durante una gravidanza problematica, e alla nascita di mio figlio  lo ha trattato con successo contro una forte anemia. Quando a 8 mesi il bambino si rifiutava di mangiare e i pediatri andavano per ipotesi, lei sola è riuscita a darmi indicazioni su un possibile reflusso e sono così riuscita a risolvere il problema. Per me è un punto di riferimento e una persona di cui mi fido totalmente, se è vero che gli occhi sono lo specchio dell'anima dai suoi avrai la certezza di che bella persona è."


I have known Chantal since 2014 and have worked with her at Melita Beauty & Holistic Clinic. Chantal practiced Pranic Healing & Meditation and has worked on several of my long term clients who found her therapy to be extremely helpful. She help guide clients  in the right direction when they needed medical attention. She also recommended natural supplements to clients needing a boost or protection or support. She also treated clients who wished to stop smoking after many years but even after trying hypnosis could not stop, however Chantal was successful. One client was even able to finally fly to Australia to see her grandchild after many years wishing but not able to go due to the long flight not smoking, thanks to Chantal.  She was always available to visit clients at home, at work or keep in touch over the phone at any time of the day. My clients still mention how effective her treatment was and how intuitive and special Chantal is.

Chantal has also treated my children and I. My children all enjoyed Pranic Healing and Chantal gave me advice I use till today because it is so effective. She treated my children on a physical and emotional level and they remember her very fondly. She taught them about deep breathing & relaxation to reduce stress.

I am very privileged to have worked with Chantal as I have learnt so much from her and still use all she taught me till today. I experienced meditation as well as Pranic Healing with Chantal and find her superior to other holistic therapists I have tried. She is very caring and kind, always very polite and professional and makes everyone feel comfortable and cared for. She is dearly loved by the Maltese friends and clients she has here.

Janine M.



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